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Adventurers are Wanderers

Well, as some have known, I joined Wrangler’s search for True Wanderers (#TrueWanderer #WanderWithPassion), and the entry which I submitted is reposted as follows:

“Makko (pronounced mak-kow) is derived from my ancestor’s name, Mammako. My name doesn’t mean anything really, but after spending my early years in Sagada; schooling in Baguio City; visiting grandparents in Bokod, Benguet; and undergoing post-graduate studies at the base of Mt. Makiling in Los Banos, Laguna; Makko began to mean traveling, nature, photography, cloud and crowd watching, ventriloquist singing, or just walking and hanging around. And now, Makko suggests a pair of tough jeans, a sturdy pack, and an adventure around the Philippines with a motorbike!

I love motorcycles, but never had the chance to own one. I dream of visiting ALL 1,490 municipalities in the Philippines, and I’ve been to 200+ so far. It feels right when I spread news of environmental protection and conservation for Philippine cultures and ecosystems; so I blog, participate, and initiate such activities as much as I can. So my dream checklist is: to visit all the 1,490 municipalities in my lifetime with a motorbike, share my knowledge about the environment, and know stories about my country and its people as they live their lives in this tropical paradise. And as wise men say, hard work, passion and perseverance is required if I want my dreams to come true!

Well, after years of saving and saving, there’s a check on the motorbike because I have recently bought a second hand one. There’s a bigger chance therefore to visit the remaining municipalities I have not visited yet. What remains is one critical check–my post-graduate degree in environmental science to guide me in sharing practical guidelines about nature conservation, and in living an adventure with a green agenda! But the journey for that diploma is already on the horizon, and it means a lot for fueling my passion in helping the Philippines develop in a sustainable and happy way.

So to end this brief meeting of ours, all I can say is love, love and love!! And yes, of course, I’d like you to join me in this journey to explore and wander, to live and be alive in this country we call home, and to be a part of this only planet known to harbor life. Because honestly, this is not just my journey. It is yours too!”

So if you find what I dream about to be worthwhile, please vote for it (until April 17!) in the following link: https://wrangler-ap.com/ph/truewanderer/entry/331-Makko. Who knows, we’ll be sharing the same adventures soon! 😉DSC_8614



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