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Travel light all the time (and why you should – 3rd of 4 parts)

Traveling light is a core principle that should be inherent for any adventurer. By this, I mean leaving all unnecessary baggage behind whenever reaching places here and there. What you should be bringing instead are your stories, attitudes, and actions that empower, encourage, and strengthen people and places you interact with and travel to. Just like the Mekong, a trans boundary river (7th longest in Asia) traversing 6 nations starting from China, then to Myanmar, to Laos, to Thailand, to Cambodia, and finally to Viet Nam. If you are in Ho Chi Minh, you can find a lot of tours offering Mekong River as a destination. It is quite far from the city center however, and the whole affair would last around 7-8 hours.

The Mekong is a system that brings essential nutrients up stream to the lower basins. It provides water for agriculture, household use, and livelihoods for millions of people in terms of tourism, resource harvest and production.

Unfortunately, due to ongoing urbanization and uncontrolled resource use, unnecessary baggage in the form of used plastic packaging and other items are also flowing in the river. Unsightly indeed if you see a river like so. Just like a traveler carrying unnecessary baggage, whether physically or non-physically. So travel light, not just in terms of physical articles that you carry, but also that in terms of your attitude, personal issues and problems, and character. Rather be free, be happy, and live at the moment.

If you live at the moment to witness events such as lunar new years, in this case in Ho Chi Minh; you’ll smell, feel, behold, and mind the beckoning flowers, the dancing fireworks, and the sea of people (caution for agoraphobic people and somewhat similar individuals). Again though, travel light, don’t leave your trash, and take with you the memories that would hopefully and continually inspire you to achieve your dreams.


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