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A Jeepney Commute Guide to Mt. Ulap from Baguio

For data recording purposes, you can fill up this form by the barangay local government unit of Ampucao before going to Mt. Ulap.


Alright! So, assuming you’ve already done your research about Mt. Ulap, read the Pinoy Mountaineer entry, and saw pictures of the place, you are now in the running towards becoming Mt. Ulap’s next top model.


In summary:

—– In Baguio City, ride a jeepney bound for barangay Ampucao, municipality of Itogon. Jeepney signage would usually be “Baguio Plaza Ampucao” or “Baguio Samoyao” (Samoyao is a sitio of Ampucao). The terminal is near Jollibee Magsaysay, Baguio Center Mall, Orion Drug (Figs. 1 – 3), along Lapu-lapu Street and Rajah Soliman Street.

Ampucao Terminal

Figs. 1, 2 & 3. Reference points for locating the jeepney terminal to Mt. Ulap.


—– Fare is 31 pesos, travel time between 45 minutes to 1 hour.


—– Assuming you already talked with the driver to drop you off at the registration area, take note of the following rates (as of March 2018):

> Registration fee: PhP 100 per head
> Local Guide Fee (1 guide: 7 people):
—–> Day hike = PhP 600.00
—–> Overnight Camping = PhP 1,000.00
> Campsite fee (Overnight Camping for group of 10 persons and below): Php 800.00
> Porter fee for senior citizens, disabled, lazy ones, and those with over-packed bags:
—–> Dayhike = PhP 500.00
—–> Overnight Camping = PhP 800.00


— Assuming again, that you would take the Sitio Ampucao – Sitio Sta Fe traverse, then you would be hiking through 9 kilometers of uphills, some leveled stretches of terrain, and steep to knee-throbbing downhills.


— You would probably take around 5 to 7 hours for the whole hike.


— A jeepney would be waiting at sitio Sta. Fe (still a part of barangay Ampucao) to Baguio City. The fare would now be PhP 50.00. Travel time more or less an hour.






  1. The trail is not a trash bin, it’s a trail for refreshing your soul.
  2. If on a day hike and assuming (yet again) you are properly hydrated and had a decent meal, I’d say that all you would need is a liter of water and some light snacks. That, aside from garments for sun/rain protection, camera, and cash for more water and food at the latter part of the hike.
  3. If on a peak day, a lot of people would be on queue at the Gungal Rocks (a protruding rock formation popularly used as foreground for that IG/FB photograph).
  4. Itogon, a 1st class municipality, is one of the 13 municipalities of Benguet province.
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The Barangays of Sagada

Well, there are 19 barangays in Sagada, and to pronounce them the way native folks do, it’s Pidlisan, not Fidelisan. It’s Tanowong or Tano-ong, not Tanulong. It’s Piche (inverted “e,” like the “ugh” sound, although there is also a Pide near the central town), not Pideh, Payd,.or Pitchi. Oki doki?


Barangays of Sagada (PCS: WGS 84 UTM Zone 51N) Created March 2015


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Carrots Swoon Women: Barlig, Social Media, Sagada

Carrots (Daucus carota subsp. sativus) is a domesticated form of the wild carrot Daucus carota, native to Europe and southwestern Asia. Carrots are rich in carotenoids, antioxidants which inhibit the growth of colon cancer cells, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and sometimes make you laglag-panty daw, especially when carried by an Igorot man by the basket and photographed at the perfect angle.

If you are within the Philippine social media loop, you have already heard of Carrot Man, how he swooned women with his basket of carrots, and his dimples (or gelasin, is actually a facial muscle deformity, probably one of the few deformities that make people look really nice), as he was candidly photographed by sightseers on the way to Sagada. Apparently, Jeyrick aka Carrot Man is from Barlig, another Shangri-La in the province of Mt. Province, Philippines.


Barlig is around 20 kilometers away from Sagada, and if you are coming from Banaue, Ifugao, you would see a fork of a road in Talubin, Bontoc, which says indicates the way to Barlig. While Sagada is already known for its caves, waterfalls, terraces, and other things that make your sore eyes happy, Barlig has a lot to offer too. These photographs by Rod Co ( show some scenes in Barlig:



Well, if you want to check more sights in Barlig, or climb Mt. Amuyao, check out this Facebook page:

As for Jeyrick, a fan page has already been put up (insert fan scream): Edwina, the adventurous spirit from Munoz, Nueva Ecija who captured the Carrot Man can also be “liked” on


So, ayun, apir, at sabi nga nila, huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan. At kumain ka rin ng carrots, pampalinaw ng mata, para makakita ng ka-tadhana. 😀

swoon (noun):

1a:  a partial or total loss of consciousness,  b: a state of bewilderment or ecstasy;

2:  a state of suspended animation

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