Who’s Makko?

I’m part Northern Kankana-ey and part Ibaloi (these are indigenous ethno-linguistic groups in Northern Philippines) and Makko (pronounced mak-kow) is derived from my ancestor’s name.

For most of my years, I have lived in Baguio City, and Bangnga-an, Sagada (Mt. Province), and a little time at Bokod, Benguet (FYI: The municipality of Bokod is where you are at when going to the usual route to Mt. Pulag), and a little little time somewhere in QC, Metro Manila. I’m currently living somewhere at the base of Mt. Makiling, Los Banos, Laguna but would occasionally wander somewhere else.

This blog is mainly about inspired thoughts and observations while traveling places here and there. A travelogue of places so to speak, and taking my time to feel the pulse of locals, spending time at museums, and watching clouds, people, and cars pass by. As an environmental scientist, I present articles with an environment-related agenda in mind. Additionally, posts are subdivided into:

  • Travel and scenes usually taken through overloaded jeepneys, crowded trains, speeding buses, rented vans, bicycle rides, and or a roaring motorbike. These are come-what-may itineraries but keeping in mind having a great time with the least amount of resources possible: Makko’s Adventures!?
  • (As well as) thoughts and observations while traveling. These would usually prompt research and even reading academic journals, to solidify the argument, or at least to make it feasible or more logical. Moments similar when Archimedes had apparently said “Eureka”
  • Sometimes these thoughts and observations may lead to existentialist musings mixed with alcohol and brewed through time; requiring angst, well-wishes, desires, and plain speak about life in general. These are usually about travels in this journey called life – Discography of Thoughts… (When you question, you think. When a sentence is a question, it requires an answer. Even if the answer is also a question. And when you answer with a question, you get more questions. But the answer to the question is already there. Maybe you need not answer. For questions are not always with answers.)


Well, happy reading and I greet you with peace, and love, and love and love! *apir!* (high five!)


9 thoughts on “Who’s Makko?

  1. Sony Fugaban says:

    I had fun reading your About Me. Looks like there’s a lot of humor in you and I like that. Pleased to meet you here, Makko. We have a lot in common. I just don’t know if you’ll agree with me on that pogi thing. 🙂

    You got an interesting blog, Makko. I’m keeping an eye on it. 😉

  2. nuelene says:

    Oh my God! I give you credit for that. Haha! I enjoyed this. You should thank your cats for guiding me here. 🙂
    Cute. 🙂

  3. docgelo says:

    thanks for dropping by my blog.
    ayos ‘tong about-me-page mo. inubo ako. hehe! 🙂

  4. grace says:

    Hi Makko, I am attempting to do your peer evaluation assignment #2, but I can’t seem to locate it on your blog? or is it just what you wrote about using certain techniques from the course to blog about your experience after the course has ended? help?

    • hi Grace, yes, my plan was to blog about my experiences after the course has ended. now that it is already over, i’ll be writing about it soon. sorry for any misunderstanding. 😀 thanks so much for the effort of actually checking the link.

      well, i really enjoyed the course. right now, i’m taking one of the recommended courses, creative problem solving offered by the university of minnesota. happy learning!

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