Cats and Light Blue Contact Lens

(makko’s adventures in: Guimba, Nueva Ecija en route to Victoria, Tarlac, 8 February 2014)

Happy valentines! and a late greeting of Xin Nian Kuai Le, Gong Xi Fa Cai! and a very late wish of a happy 2014!

I hadn’t been able to write a post about a list of epic adventures last 2013 probably because of two reasons: 1) Almost every place that I’ve been to was really memorable, and so making a list seemed unnecessary. 2) Graduate school stuff can really be time-consuming, or maybe actually, the second reason is that I was not able to manage my time well.

And so, I hope that this year, we should enjoy every moment of lives by spending time on things which are useful, productive, and joyous. aprub!!!

So, to start this year’s adventure, I’ll be sharing a tale about a tricycle-riding cat in Nueva Ecija.

We were in Guimba, Nueva Ecija en route to Victoria, Tarlac to assess farmer-related practices as an output for a class requirement. We had to go to a particular barangay via a tricycle, so in looking for one, we chanced upon a tricycle driver who tags along his cat, which looked like a Siamese, on his trike.

I had my camera in my backpack, and because we were rushing, there was no time to pull it out for a picture. I rode at the back seat, and talked to the driver now and then, while carefully maneuvering my hands for my camera out of the bag. Within fifteen minutes, while encountering serious potholes on the road, I held my camera for a few shots.

Well, the driver’s cat was on a leash, and would not easily jump away. Cat could still fall down the road though, so the driver had to run on moderate speed (and we were rushing that time). “Muning” must have been used to these trips as the cat was able to balance staying on top the motorcycle’s gas tank while occasionally standing up with front paws on the dashboard, as you had just seen.



To answer one of the most logical questions to ask (why bring a cat?), the driver said that it’s because the cat has a breed. I don’t know, but, so maybe he’s afraid that the cat would run away? Or does he live alone, so he just can’t leave his pet behind? Or maybe because the cat has some sentimental value? Is it a lucky charm? Why not bring a dog instead? Why is the cat’s leash color red? Oh well, those were some of the things I wish I had asked and more. 🙂

And when we were in Victoria, Tarlac, why is this dog’s eye like this?

The owner simply said, “nilagyan ko ng contact lens, kaya ganyan.” (I put contact lens, that’s why).

Should have asked the tricycle driver if the cat had contact lens as well.

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3 thoughts on “Cats and Light Blue Contact Lens

  1. elmer says:

    Cool cat. And the puppy, with David Bowies’ eyes

  2. irish lyn dasalla says:

    wow mayat kulay mata da ah

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