Leonardo of Vinci’s Last Day (at The Mind Museum)

makko’s adventures in: The Mind Museum, BGC, Taguig (30 November 2013)

It’s November 30, and this year 2013 is the 150th birth anniversary of the late Andres Bonifacio y de Castro, the Filipino revolutionary who, according to Jee Geronimo (Rappler), espoused that “freedom is not a mere declaration of independence but a result of complete rest coming from goodness within.” Thus, may we know well and reflect upon the life and works the man, whom many know simply as the Father of the Katipunan. Mabuhay Andres “maypag-asa” Bonifacio!

November 30, 2013 is also the last day of the interactive exhibit of the life and works of another great man at The Mind Museum in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines: Leonardo of Vinci. Known to be a painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer; I did not allow any excuses not to visit a gallery of his ingenious works. What was also greatly interesting about the said exhibit was the “interactive exhibit” clause (advertised by the museum), which means you could touch or tinker with the displayed replicas. Exciting!

Getting to The Mind Museum required traveling from Los Baños, Laguna. We stopped at the Ayala MRT station in EDSA, and walked towards the intersection of EDSA, Ayala Avenue going to the Makati Central Business District and McKinley Road going to Bonifacio Global City. Our main landmark was the Shell gas station, wherein it also serves as a terminal area for a number of jeepney routes plying the vicinity. At that same Shell station, we purchased ride tickets for the coach/bus marked “BGC” which would pass along the museum. The fare cost P12.00 and the security guard directed us to ride the bus marked “West.” By asking the bus driver for further directions, he directed us towards a traffic light, and then walked around 100 meters toward a grey, three-story something high building.

The Mind Museum

A lot of interesting and diverse stuff were on display. Concepts for ball bearings for a smoother machine operation, contraptions for flight, weapons of destruction, paintings, theater props, automobiles, musical-related machines, and stuff here and there were on display.  Although not all of Leonardo’s work have been replicated, you would be still be amazed by the number of sketches and machines described and reproduced during the exhibit. Gears and the transfer of motion direction, interested me the most, because they were good to look at. The technology seemed really advanced, or more appropriately, extraordinary, in spite of the crude materials used for reconstructing it. Other otherworldly things on display include interlocking and easy-to-construct bridges, including a replica which you could recreate, a wooden war tank, scuba diving gears, among many other machines that you could also watch in documentaries uploaded in YouTube.


Interlocking bridge and replica


Self-propelled glider



Urban habitat and architecture planning



Ball bearings



Meant to rotate and produce lift



Sottomarino, Leonardo’s concept of a submarine


Hope the kids enjoyed the exhibit, like how the adults did.


To reiterate the points of this post; 1) November 30 is Bonifacio’s birthday; 2) Leonardo da Vinci was a real polymath; and 3) You can now go to The Mind Museum to see other exciting stuff about the various sciences.  I hope another Da Vinci interactive exhibit would happen again here in the Philippines. 😀



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