On learning French

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Je parle un tres peu Francais!

This June, my tongue and logic crawled on the floor as my language professeur (also my boss) spoke and wrote in French. Pronouncing the language appropriately sure needs a lot of practice, with the spelling part taking an awfully greater need for practice. First, the letter “R” said as “airh”? And then , why would you read cinq as sank, rather than how it is spelled? Sink maybe?

In spite of the difficultés, it has been said that experts were amateurs at first. So I had to learn and listen, watch (and will still watch) YouTube tutorials, and heck, practice some French pick up lines. 0_0

So why am I taking French? A few days from now, my boss/grandpa/mentor will resign from office. It has been more than a year working with Dr. Umaly, and one way to remember him in the future? It would be to speak a language that he had taught! Well, it also made me appreciate the language a lot. What can I say, j’aime langue Français! But my French is still bad. (Still learning boss)

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4 thoughts on “On learning French

  1. I’m also taking French this semester, and yes, I am watching a lot of French films now instead of actually practicing it. Haha. Good luck!

  2. nuelene says:

    I’m studying French too. Watching French movies are helpful and then I listen to audio. You could just imagine how I struggle. I even tried to read Emile Zola’s work in French. First page and I give up. Haha!

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