On 7 Days in Malaysia

This post should have been up last April 29, 2012 (Sunday), – the day after I had spent seven days back- packing Malaysia. I can only cite time mismanagement.


To recap, the trip started in April 22 (Sunday), at Kuala Lumpur (click here for my post on my first day). Next, I spent the next two days (April 23 and 24) at Kota Bharu, Kelantan (click this link for more stories). On the 25th, I was at Jitra, Kedah and stayed there until the 28th (more stories by clicking this). But on April 26 (Thursday), I toured Pulau Pinang, Pinang (check the pictures here). On the 27th we (together with my hosts) went to Padang Besar, Perlis (again, click this).


On the seventh day (April 28, Saturday), I bade goodbye to Aina and her son Daniel. God has surely blessed me greatly through such wonderful people, that truly, this Malaysian adventure was so epic because of them. Terima kasih banya banya!


I recall a not-good-not-bad incident early that day. We were on our way to the bus station that time when we happened to pass by a food stall. It was an assortment of edibles, that I wanted to photograph the palette of colorful dishes on the side of the highway. Of course, I had to seek the approval of the girl at the stand if it was okay for me to take pictures. With the girl’s nod, I did not bother getting down the car and just snapped pictures, my body jutting out of the car’s window.


When the car started to move, a man was waving his hand for us to stop. But, stopping was not an option.


I don’t know, maybe the man was wondering why I was taking pictures of his stall? I assumed he was the owner. So for reasons that pertain to obtaining something from someone without her/his consent, I deleted the pictures I took of the stall.


By 9:30, we were at the bus station. There were about 4 passengers, including a man, probably a teacher, as he was checking examination papers. The bus finally came around 9:45, and I’m off to Kuala Lumpur.


It was around 4 pm when we arrived at Putrajaya, and I saw a lot of yellow people. People in yellow shirts. The train stations were crowded. More people wearing yellow t-shirts.


It turned out that around 25,000 demonstrators trooped to Kuala Lumpur that day to pressure Prime Minister Najib Razak’s ruling coalition β€” which has held power in Malaysia for nearly 55 years β€” in overhauling electoral policies. (You can read more here on this CBS news report) I overheard passengers in the train, enthusiastically talking about change and the future of Malaysia.


I headed to the KL Sentral Station for a late lunch. There were indeed around 25,000 who walked the streets that day!


There was a food court nearby and I order Nasi something worth 5 ringgit and milo panas. Yum! but one serving was not enough for me. 😦

I deposited my bags in the locker room services afterwards, and then headed off to KLCC – to the Petronas Twin Towers!


It was already dark when I arrived at KLCC. You get out of the train from below and so when you emerge from the stairs, your neck should be ready for viewing a structure about 400 meters high. Here’s a Youtube video:


Well, that concludes 7 days in Malaysia. It was a flight back to the Philippines just a few hours after the video was taken. I’ll end this post with two more pictures of the twin towers. It was a truly Asian experience! πŸ˜‰


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5 thoughts on “On 7 Days in Malaysia

  1. andy1076 says:

    This is SO part of my bucket list πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Sony Fugaban says:

    Good thing you were not caught up in the actual “rally”.

    A pretty rough yet adventure-filled day there. By the way, the pictures, especially the Petrona’s, are stunning.

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