‘I Love Thailand’ in Perlis, Malaysia

Perlis, the smallest state in Malaysia, lies at the northern part of the peninsula, bordering the Satun and Songkhla Provinces of Thailand.

The trip to Perlis excited me to no end. It was so mesmerizing to see fields as far as the eyes can see on either side of the road. Though I’ve seen lowland rice paddies that stretch along the highway, this was a different class of its own. The shutter release button was continually pressed while the car zoomed by. And as I was still staring out there in the great awesomeness, the landscape gradually changed into limestone hills arranged majestically on the rolling terrain.

My host, with the help of her sister, gave me a taste of how it feels being in two places at the same time. It was my sixth day, and we road tripped Jitra to Padang Besar, in Perlis. The town of Padang Besar is so near Thailand, you’d sometimes wonder  what country you are in, due to these reasons:

“I Heart Thailand” Shirts (in Malaysia)

Thai plate numbers in Malaysia

After eye shopping, we ended the day with a visit to the Al-Hussain Floating Mosque. Amazing!

You can also see other photos of the mosque from Flickr users Serah Pakcu and Elviz Low:

"The rushing moment..." | Floating Mosque of Al-Hussain, Kuala Perlis

Al-Hussain Floating Mosque, Kuala Perlis Malaysia

As well as a blog post about the mosque:


The Al-Hussain Floating Mosque is said to be built with about RM12 million. Whoa!

Deym! It would be back to KL the next day! See you later, Perlis!

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One thought on “‘I Love Thailand’ in Perlis, Malaysia

  1. […] To recap, the trip started in April 22 (Sunday), at Kuala Lumpur (click here for my post on my first day). Next, I spent the next two days (April 23 and 24) at Kota Bharu, Kelantan (click this link for more stories). On the 25th, I was at Jitra, Kedah and stayed there until the 28th (more stories by clicking this). But on April 26 (Thursday), I toured Pulau Pinang, Pinang (check the pictures here). On the 27th we (together with my hosts) went to Padang Besar, Perlis (again, click this). […]

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