Backpacking Malaysia: From Kelantan to Kedah

On board the double-decker bus, I sat at the upper deck (another first for me). The bus people were saying it would take us around 8 hours to reach Jitra in Kedah. No problem, I had a window to entertain the eyes along the way.

At eleven am, the bus started to move. The first few hours indicated that you’re still within the urban areas, as man-made buildings pass by. Mosques are also present, dotting the roadsides with its colorful domes and sturdy minarets. It reminds you of the firm Muslim faith throughout Malaysia.

Nearing the KelantanPerak border shifted signs of urbanization into green country sides. You’d see palm and rubber tree plantations. Terraced roadsides to prevent erosion. More palm trees. Forested areas. Green forest patches that make you hope for industrialization to keep its hands off such natural areas.

Midway through, the bus stopped for lunch. It seemed like we stopped in the middle of nowhere, no other buildings were seen left or right. Comfort-wise, it was better inside the bus than the hot air outside. But there are things that you need to see, so I got down.

I wonder if they were using that.

We arrived in Jitra, a town of Kedah at 7:30 pm. Kedah is located in the northwestern part of Peninsular Malaysia.

If you’re looking for great food and late night outdoor cafes, Jitra would be the place for you. My friend (where I home-stayed) said that prices are relatively cheap too, compared with other states in Malaysia.

You would also find in Kedah the 1061-hectare campus of Universiti Utara Malaysia. The campus is so large that it houses an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a mini stadium, an archery range, a badminton hall, gymnasiums, tennis and squash courts, basketball and volleyball courts, rugby, hockey, softball, equestrian, handball and football fields, a nine-hole golf course and a go kart racing track.

As for other interesting places, time was the enemy. But then again, it is your greatest ally next time. 😀

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2 thoughts on “Backpacking Malaysia: From Kelantan to Kedah

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