Final Thoughts and Hoping for another Cordilleran Tour

It is unfortunate that inter-road networks between the Cordilleras are not well established, as such getting around the Cordilleras is quite a pain in the ass.

To summarize the adventure, it all started with the trip to Bangued, Abra from Baguio. That meant passing through two other provinces outside the Cordillera – La Union and Ilocos Sur. That would total for at least six hours of travel. A thirty minute stop for food. Four hours for staring at roadsides through the van’s window. An hour and thirty minutes for random talks and comments about anything.

Casamata Hill National Park would be one of the place you should definitely see.

Map of Abra showing the location of Bangued



Then from Abra, Apayao would be next. Again, as roads connecting one province to another in the region are really rare, we had to pass through Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte, and Cagayan to reach Apayao. Though that meant more butt torture, the scenes you see for being there compensates. For example, we visited Vigan City (Ilocos Sur):

Map of Ilocos Sur showing the location of Viga...

Map of Ilocos Sur showing the location of Vigan City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ilocos Sur… as well as Ilocos Norte, particularly in Bangui (windmills) and Pagudpud (Patapat viaduct):

Bangui Windmills

Patapat viaduct


…then Cagayan:



Passing through those three provinces from Abra was really worth it. And finally Flora, Apayao:

Map of Apayao showing the location of Flora

Map of Apayao showing the location of Flora (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



From Apayao, we traveled back to Baguio (using the same route), rested for around 2 weeks, then proceeded to Tabuk City, Kalinga. From Baguio (Benguet), you would have to pass through Nueva Vizcaya and Isabela to reach Kalinga:



From Tabuk, then Alfonso Lista in Ifugao:

It was back to Baguio once again. 😦 To end this post, I included photos of the view along the Ambuklao River on our trip back from Ifugao.



Oh well, I’m ready and set for another Cordilleran adventure!

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