Finding Flora, Apayao [part 1/2]

Apayao amazing geographical fact or fiction?!

Traveling with us in Apayao was ma’am RCB, telling us that the geographical boundaries of Apayao looked like a human head in side view, like so:

Amazing! And if you will include Kalinga, it would really appear like the bust of President Ferdinand Marcos in side view. A contributor in Wikipedia [hehe] even suggests that it was positioned like so, to portray the late leader was onlooking his home province. Too bad, such things have not been discussed in our history classes. On a personal level, I’m curious as to how the president tasked his men, budgeted the project and managed other processes involved in permanently etching his profile on the Philippines. [Calling on pareng Ambeth Ocampo! and other historians out there!]


It’s unfortunate that regions in CAR are not adequately road-connected with one another. So starting off from Abra, we had to pass through the provinces of Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte and Cagayan in order to reach Apayao. That meant making side trips to stroll around Vigan City, viewing windmills at Bangui, and having lunch at Patapat Viaduct.

As we were all first timers to Flora, Apayao, finding the entrance to Flora along Maharlika Highway involved a lot of will to stay awake, and scanning intersections here and there. We asked a lot from locals, even slowing down along road signs to check if we were on the right track. And then, around ten hours on the highway and behold, a weathered and miniscule signage, indicating that we were near the entrance to the municipality of Flora.

Upon arriving at the next intersection however, all were doubting. Is this is it? An un-concreted road? Seemingly leading to just another barangay in the area? As they say, when in doubt, ask.

We saw a provincial bus ahead of us, and it brought relief, as it definitely assured the group that we were nearing our destination. Indeed, it was the right path.

As we were still in the territory of Cagayan, our navigator noted that it may be the reason why the highway was not concreted – that we were in Cagayan. And certainly, as we reached the arc welcoming us in Apayao, was the welcoming comfort of a smooth and concreted road.

What happened next? Tsk! Part 2 would be a photo essay of the Flora adventure. 😀

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