Animals of the Cordillera: A Clowder in Alfonso Lista, Ifugao

I’ve been noticing a lot of cats (posts and photos) on WordPress lately so might as well upload something meowing. It was the last leg of the January  Cordillera travels and here’s a cute bunch when we went to the municipality of Alfonso Lista in Ifugao.

from Wikipedia

A search on Wikipedia reveals that “Alfonso Lista (formerly known as Potia) is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Ifugao, Philippines. According to the latest census (it must have been the 2007 Philippine Census, not sure really) it has a population of 25,323 people in 4,275 households.” Furthermore, it takes around a 3-4 hour commute from A. Lista to the municipality of Banaue, home to the famous rice terraces.

We were lucky to spend some time at the DENR’s (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) outpost there, and I was even luckier to have shots of these elusive cats, as they did not prefer to be held by some camera-wielding-stranger.

Too bad, I can’t understand what the feline’s saying.

It was meal time and the mother cat, (seemed to be a molly to me) probably sensed the sound of plates and spoons clanging.

Anyhow, just kept clicking now and then, and the last of the two photographs below is my favorite shot of the clowder (or clutter = group of cats).

Kawaii! (Imagining the cats singing Duetto buffo di due gatti like so:

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6 thoughts on “Animals of the Cordillera: A Clowder in Alfonso Lista, Ifugao

  1. nuelene says:

    *Sighs* *Sighs* *Sighs* That’s all I can do after looking at the pictures. 🙂 You sure have penchant for cats.

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