Animals of the Cordillera: Pursuing good basi in Kalinga

Visiting different sites in the province of Kalinga gave me lots of opportunities to interact with various animals. We saw lots of goats, the usual dogs, and ducks, and pigs, water buffaloes and some juvenile frogs. However, all that’s here would be a puppy, a froglet, a kid and some grown-up asking a dog’s paw for just the sake of holding its paw.

Again, we were here for some health-related research. In one of the patients we interviewed, their adorable puppy just seemed ready to be picked up for some rubs here and there. *rub rub*

Of course, after all work is done, you never miss places where folks go to unwind and have fun. We went for an outdoor picnic in one of Chico River’s banks the next day. In search for some dried wood to cook our lunch, one of our mates chanced upon this juvenile frog (there were two of them actually) under some pile of rocks. Just about the size of a one (Philippine) peso coin, I had a hard time taking pictures of them, as they would eventually hop out of your hand.

After that, and some stories, some duck stew (yeah!), and some short laps along the river, we decided to visit a friend’s friend, who specializes in brewing sugarcane wine (basi). Well, maybe to visit the basi, and his friend. 😉

So we went to house of the man who they said made great basi.

The man had a really nice farm with lot of goats and coffee produce, some of the beans were being spread and dried at his backyard. Along the way to the house were the goats. This kid posed well for this picture, as most of the older goats ran away after trying their close-up portraits.

The day was nearing its end, and maybe we also had enough of the great tasting basi. So we decided to go at our guide/friend/lakay(pops)’s house for more basi. Hehe! So what happens after too much basi? Maybe it made me propose to one of his dogs.

Photo courtesy of JTT

Nah, I’m sober. Actually, the dog just understands one command. Not “sit”, “stay” or “add one plus one”. Just say, “shake hands” and it’ll give its paw, greeting you and saying, “wooh, nabaltek!” :p

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