What People do to Save 182 Trees in Baguio

Last February 5, 2012 was a Sunday. It was just like any other Sunday, where the sun rose in the morning and set in the evening. It was a Sunday, a day when people would go to church and pray, sing songs of praise, or sleep while sitting at the pew. A day which many consider a family day. It was a regular Sunday, when the morning after it will be Monday.

But wait, it was February 5, 2012. It was a Sunday where some people had to go to the Pine Trees of the World Park. It was called Pine Trees of the World Park due that it was planned to be a site of different Pine tree species of the world. Yes, to showcase Pine trees of the world! But, well, that was the plan. It still cradles Pine trees though. And that’s a good thing.

People had to go to the Pine Trees of the World Park here in Baguio City, Philippines, last Sunday, February 5, 2012, to raise awareness regarding the plight of a hundred or so fully grown trees, planned to be earth-balled, in order to clear the ground, pour some concrete on a group of steel bars… (and so it goes) to put up a parking lot (yeah, it sounds like a song). This is the start of the story

I arrived at the place around 5 pm, took some shots here and there…

A song was being played on stage at that moment… an original by Joni Mitchell in 1970 (Big Yellow Taxi).

…trod backstage and saw kuya Mon of People’s Initiative for Learning and Community Development (PILCD), strumming his guitar in preparation for a piece later (didn’t get a picture of him though, hehe)…

I had to send someone special (ayeee!) to the terminal in the evening so I had to go. The event would be an all-nighter but, well, it would be Monday. The event would’ve already been over by the time I return.

I visited the park on Monday. And what did Makko see?

As expected, the place had been cleaned up. Yay! Very good indeed. So it’s not the satirical cliche of an environmental concert that ended up creating a chorus of wastes.

More than that, I saw these two really happy guys, dating. Having lunch. Apparently homeless. The other one stood up. He approached me. He said, “huwag kang matakot kuya ah.” Then he grabbed me. Dragged me into the bushes. They tied me. “Mama!” I shouted… in my imagination. Oh yes, it was in my imagination.

So, as I was imagining things, he continued, “kuya, huwag kang matakot ah, pero pahingi nga po ng 5 pesos. Pang-kain lang.” Ay ay iman.

So I gave him something. ‘Yun lang pala eh!? Yan, FIVE HUNDRED! FIVE HUNDRED centavos. Yep, I gave him 500 centavos, and continued walking the path towards Baguio City National High School (Main) taking pictures.

So that was what people did to save 182 trees in Baguio. Long live the trees!

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2 thoughts on “What People do to Save 182 Trees in Baguio

  1. Jojo Bernabe La Maria says:

    Thank you so much for this… MABUHAY KA…

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