Travelling 2011: 5 Memorable Adventures

Thinking of the five topmost places I travelled to last year, it seems that these were the only places I have been to (well, aside from going to Manila) in the first place! 🙂

Pinaka una nung 2011: Besao and Sagada, Mountain Province

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It was May and we attended a social research workshop organized by UP Baguio. Aside from the really cool set-up of the workshop, was the equally interesting location  – Besao, Mountain Province.

Well, it was interesting for me because this was where my maternal grandfather originated. Ironically, though growing up in Sagada (a nearby municipality), I had never been to Besao, which is around 30 minutes when driving from Sagada Central. Well, it seems these sorts are the usual ironies of life (locals taking for granted locals). Hmmm…

St. Benedict Parish

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It was a hands-on experience, as we did field work to gather community data. Hiking for hours (ok, minutes siguro diay), and seeing flowers, birds and bees in between.

And, what would you do after a hard day’s work (after a conference is over? Partey partey syemps! And by partey partey, I meant touring caves, echoing valleys, and huge waterfalls at… Sagada! So, together with new found friends, we went to (just to name a few) Sumaguing Cave, Echo Valley, and the big falls near our place, Bomod-ok.

You’d see this along the road to Sumaguing Cave


Fidelisan Terraces

Pangalawa: Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental

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By August, I was again carrying some under wears (two briefs to be exact, plus the one I wore :p) to CDO for an academic conference. Well, maybe not FOR an academic conference, but AS WELL AS an academic conference. I also met fellow presenters, Jerr and Vicpher, two great fellows from Cebu and Zamboanga del Sur during that trip.

So again, what to do after a hard day’s work? White, este, brown water rafting! Well the water was really brown due to the silt-rich quality of Cagayan River. Anyway, it was my first time rafting, kaya ang saya-saya!!

Starting station for the beginner’s rafting course

Checking in at Traveler’s Pod was also great, a hotel that let guests sleep in rectangular “pods” (meaning, being separated from fellow travelers with a curtain).

Traveller’s Pod

Most of all, it had clean restrooms!

Pangatlo: Baguio City

Yep, I’m from Baguio, but what made me see another of Baguio’s soul was because of Neha. Neha is a community organizer based in India who came to the Philippines for an NGO conference. As she had free days to travel after the conference, she chose Baguio, Sagada and Banawe as some of the places to go. (She made the right choice. :D)

What made it memorable for me, was, the enlightening conversations I had with her. As I’m into these sorts (enlightenment, even thought about becoming a Buddhist :D), she had a lot to say about it, and about life in general. Anyway, I could blog about those enlightening thoughts some other time.

In addition, we were just randomly walking around the public market when, she was so surprised to ask me about a signage of a Hindi temple (she’s Hindi by the way) at a public market. I had only known then that a Hindi temple exists in Baguio (pala), which makes sense, since a number of Indians live here.

And it was my first time going inside a Hindi sacred house. Hehe!

It’s around Baguio’s public market

Pang-apat: Going to Angeles City, Pampanga

A friend invited me to inspire students in AUF about biodiversity and solid wastes last October. Incidentally during that period, Central Luzon was flooded due to Pedring and Quiel. Though the general atmosphere of media reports seem to discuss because-of-this and because-of-that logic behind the catastrophe, I’m sure man’s careless attitude about the environment is the root cause not just that flood, but for almost all the floods happening. So, again, let’s be more environment-conscious ok?

Tambay sa hayuway

Pinakahuling napuntahan noong 2011: Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte

Why? Let the pictures speak for themselves. 😀

1. Get awed and mesmerized

2. Discover and explore

3. Get tired, so rest for another adventure.

So where would Makko’s adventures be this 2012? Op kors, sa great outdoors! 😀

I hope your itchy traveler’s feet be scratched by stepping on to new lands this year and beyond! Enjoy the places you go and always be enlightened. The essences of life are waiting out there to be discovered. By you. 😉

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5 thoughts on “Travelling 2011: 5 Memorable Adventures

  1. anorwen says:

    Nice use of maps to help the reader orient themselves! I may use this neat idea in my blog too 🙂

  2. nuelene says:

    Oh wow! I’ve never been to the North. Always on the South but never been to Misamis.
    Yay! I hope I could go there before the world becomes extinct. Haha!

  3. […] Travelling 2011: 5 Memorable Adventures ( […]

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