Hogging the Limelight

Getting recognition for a job well done is one of the surest ways to affirm your conviction in continuing your work. It raises esteem and morale, as well as announcing publicly about what is and that is, you did. It offers meaning to what you do. It is why the concept exists. To recognize because there is something to recognize.

It’s a good thing in general. However, when recognition is recognition gone wrong, it is wrong. One of the things that all of us hate, is when someone gets the recognition for something that they did not do. And what’s more to hate is when the someone who rightfully owns the recognition, doesn’t protest.

In the universities here in the Philippines (and everywhere), you could see a lot of the former. Men and women who claim to have done this and that, being dubbed as the people who are of substance, who are doing something to bring world peace, who are known as The Who, and they play music and stuff… and we watch them. They continue hogging the limelight, fierce and furious, like watching hogs devouring non-stop. They devour without acknowledging the loving farmer who took pains to prepare the things that the hog would eventually devour. Why, yeah, it’s exactly like that! (Why did I not think of that earlier?)

So then, the farmer who had not harvested fish for the last eighty-five days, had a pet whom the farmer named Mandolin. And if I continue further, this paragraph would make no sense.

But know what? Know what would make more no sense? Like it’s no sense is more? Like this sentence… but multiply it by infinity, and take it to the depth of forever!?

It is when you do not stand up for your right! It’s when you allow yourself to step inside a pot of boiling water when you have the feet and legs, and able to, to walk away from being cooked by ignorance. Allowing people to ignore the dedication and hard work appropriated for your idea. Just because you ignore someone (or something) who had stolen what you did.

When someone claims to have initiated a research project that they did not do, and that you are the one who actually started it? SAY IT! When you did the work, but someone gets credit for it? CORRECT IT! When someone says that you look like Brad Pitt? Say, “I look better!” And then be really really pissed if you are actually a girlaloo. I mean, a girl who looks like Brad Pitt? *shivers*

The point is, there are people who do enjoy hogging the limelight without acknowledging the real story. But it would not help if we continue letting this so. We know what’s the right thing to do. And that is to right a wrong. To expose the truth behind the lies! To get up, stand up, and fight for your right!!! (It’s like singing that Bob Marley song).

Image courtesy of Robbie Veldwijk. Clenched or raised fist symbolize disapproval of violence, and showcases unity and solidarity against abuse. (check out Wikipedia).

Robbie Veldwijk
Image link at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rveldwijk/355290507/

Check more of his photos at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rveldwijk/

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2 thoughts on “Hogging the Limelight

  1. Cool that you used my picture for this! Also great that you put my name under it!

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