Looking below and seeing black

Last October 2, I brought my Nikon D3100. Yay!

And so for the past days, I took shots which hopefully convey a particular theme. As my chain of thought are quite random and unorganized at times, and that it’s hard to see what I’m really doing in the beginning, I’m convinced that this habit is bad and steps should be done to prevent further problems. Thus, I plan to think of something which may seem so ordinary and un-understandable, and concentrate on pondering about it so that I may understand more about myself, and eventually document the ways which make man grow. In other words, I’ll take a photograph of what I’m thinking (or the theme) throughout the week and aim to see what’s really inside my head.

Sometimes though, it seems that I photograph first, then think afterwards. Or maybe even more truly, I don’t think at all.

Hope we all grow together and become the best that we can be. πŸ˜‰

So for the first week, have been thinking of “looking below, and seeing black”.
Here are the photos: Makko Sees!. (1st Week, Days I-V)

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2 thoughts on “Looking below and seeing black

  1. tannideb says:

    Great job with the pictures. My favorite was on the first week – day three (the black car in the orange-lit street). I often take random pictures and, afterward, think about what it signifies. =)

    • danbacana says:

      Great! Yes, I take pictures that way too. Though sometimes, I’d like to have a clear theme of what to shoot before taking the actual pictures. πŸ˜€

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