Spending Time thinking about Time

Sometimes, there are times when you just can’t think right about what to do with ‘free’ time. It is within these times that you just kill the time, trying to do things to wait for time to do another thing.

They say that killing time wisely is time well spent. The challenge however is how to spend time wisely all the time. Yes, a lot of tips out there could be said on how one could spend time when they need to. Others say that as long as you enjoy and love what you are doing, you lose track of time.

So what if you enjoy just doing nothing? Is that time well spent?

As well as when if, you’re waiting in a very very very… very very very long queue, and you have no book to read or gadget to use whatsoever, or tired to do what you really enjoy doing, or plainly tired to think of what to think. How could you kill time? Another scenario would be when you are writing an article or, whatever thing you are doing, then suddenly find yourself staring at the computer monitor or the object you’re writing at, or just in a pause… a complete stop. How would you kill time?

It may be that such things are left to be answered personally. Wherein, I mean to say that you know the answer and it’s up to you to decide what to do with your time. The important thing is that one knows how precious time is, and that its time to use time very well.

And so what if you enjoy just doing nothing? Is that time well spent?

Well, it’s like staring at gold coins you own, when instead, you could have used that to buy beer for us to drink.


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