The Clash of Love and Religion

Along the course of time, the evolution of man led to the formation of societies, which led to the formation of beliefs. These beliefs were inevitable products of human intellect as factors to govern and rationalize the existence of man in the universe.

Of particular interest in this discussion would be the case of love and religion. Love as termed in this essay would be the act of showing affection, care, and an honest and good-willed desire to create a sense of ownership over a particular person, specifically someone of the opposite sex. Religion on the other hand would refer to a set of beliefs to affirm the existence of God, or the highest form of reason and existence.

The interpretation of the two subjects by man has been a source of much of this world’s wars and peaceful periods. It had been a source of man’s hell and heaven. It is the reason why you are reading this right now. So instead of citing examples of how love and religion played in the Crusades, in the lives of Romeo and Juliet, and in countless events that transpired and will occur, I will tell a story that I have heard from someone I know very much. So as not to reveal the identity of this person, let’s call this person by the name *****.


One day, while ***** was just standing over a cliff in his mind, ***** saw someone. That someone distracted him, and instead of picturing a cliff, ***** simply smiled.

What is a smile? Is it a sign of pleasant thoughts? Or maybe an upside-down frown? Whatever that smile was, all that he could think was this someone… This girl… And as if to cause the blooming of a bud into a thing that elicits admiration, his heart just admired the woman, although his mind did not give much attention.


It was a fine day to sleep the hours away, but ***** had to wake up for work. Though, aside from the need to wake up, he also needed to prepare something important. This something was a testament of his long-timed insanity of thinking about this someone who just pops out in his mind every now and then.

As he was walking towards the place where the jeeps pass by, he thought of how this someone would respond to his testament. Would she accept? But he didn’t care much, even though there are more things that need consideration, before saying your feelings to a woman worthy of admiration.

You see, ***** lives in a world somewhat similar to our world. *****, despite his desire to bring peace and love to everyone around him, is not allowed to do so with this someone. This is because in the world where ***** lives, religions are separate from faith. That is, it’s hard to love her, because of religion.

“What is religion?” He asks himself as he boards on the jeep. His definitions of religion though, were not that significant, since the fact remains that he cannot change much of how his world works. So instead of trying to dissect much further his ideas about religion, and on how the world should ideally work, he just thought of what things to use for his testament of love.

Not much happened throughout the day, so he quickly acquired the things he needed. Without further ado, his testament was finished during that day.

Meanwhile, this someone had no idea that on some part of their Earth, ***** was thinking constantly of her, as if she was running a marathon on his mind.


A few weeks have passed, and the two are together. She had witnessed his testament, and he had told her his thoughts about religion. As a result, their hearts were beating on a same frequency. A frequency associated with love, so as they say.

It’s the sort of love that in spite of seeing beautiful girls around the world (really!), all ***** could love and think was her.

Unfortunately, to echo the song of Nelly Furtado, all good things come to an end. Religion is a strong force in *****’s world. But he does not view religion as an important aspect in expressing your belief in God. Faith is. Is it not that long ago, a wise man said that, “if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” If you have faith, not a religion, in God, nothing will be impossible for you.

Until this day, all he could do is a song that goes this way: “It’s so hard to leave you, I don’t really wanna go. I don’t wanna say goodbye to you, it’s the last thing I wanna do…” Indeed, love and religion are two separate things. By the words themselves, love is not religion. But I could say that love is faith. So is it the end for ***** and that someone? I believe that though it may be an end in another way, it’s only the beginning for something else.

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4 thoughts on “The Clash of Love and Religion

  1. raf says:

    ***** should imagine God as “The carpenter”, religion as a hammer or building tool, and himself as a building under construction. How can ***** become what God intends him to be without the needed tools (religion)?
    ***** will forever remain a blueprint if he does not commit to a religion with the same conviction as his.
    As for Love, I believe too that it is the absence of fear… and this happens when a man willingly sacrifices everything and goes through anything just to be with “the one” without looking back nor thinking twice because deep inside his heart he knows that his existence will be meaningless without the one he loves. And if you love someone, you have to trust where that someone will lead you because Love as you said is also Faith, so you must have faith in her as well. Love is from God too, so if you love someone and she loves you back you are experiencing a tremendous gift from God, so there is absolutely no need to be afraid because indeed, the absence of fear is LOVE. And God. And Faith.

  2. tannideb says:

    Hi, I loved reading this post! And you have a great blog! – I came across it today. I’m a new blogger and would love it if you’d check out my recent post:

    • danbacana says:

      Hi Tanni! I read your post, and frankly, I kind of feel what you and your sister went through. Just thought of how complicated this life really is. Anyway, thank you very much for reading my blog. I’ll be looking forward to your posts too. Have a great life and enjoy writing!

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