Hi! This is Danesto Anacio, how may I help you? (Ang aking call center experience)


I’m currently reading my first blog posts and well, it’s a cringe-inducing experience. Oh well… 😀



February 3, 2010 (First post on Multiply)


So, you want to apply in a call center here in Baguio!? Well, I’m not that much of an expert on that issue, but I have have deduced some things, actually 5 tips, based on my experience.

Number 1:
So far, the best call center that you should aim for here in Bagiuo would be no other than WW-OISI @ Loakan. Aside from having the best people on call for the job, they also have the best rates in town. (Mataas sweldo in short. :D)

Number 2:
If you want to apply in a call center, think of it as a career. So you are applying for this one particular call center. Are you doing it just to wait for another job? You do not enjoy working in shifting and graveyard shifts? Are you doing it because; there is nothing else/you have nothing else to apply for? Are you applying for the job to provide employment for just six months? And honestly, walang karelarelation mga tanong na yun. 😀
Well, the bottomline is, just critically ask yourself first before doing anything. Ayos ang trabaho sa call center naman eh, shifts and SOME of the customers (the people who you speak with) would just be the factors that make it a nightmare (especially the latter). Pero with proper training and the right kind of attitude, makakaya rin yan.

Number 3:
When you speak, speak in a straight, interconnected thought. For example, when asked regarding your course during your college years, answer; “I finished BS Biology last December 2007. I have two pet dogs with orange fur and a really good taste for Chinese-made cellphones. I also love walking and sitting at the same time.”

Number 4:
Aside from having an interrelated sense of thought, it would be better as well to have an exact and absolute answer. Anong next pagkatapos mong makatapos ng BS Bio? Anong ginawa mo pagkatapos mong magraduweyt? Ilang buwan balak mong magtrabaho para sa kumpanyang ito? Be proactive and engaging in your conversations and minimize maybe(s), I think(s) and I don’t know(s). Ok(s)!?

Number 5:
Follow whatever instructions they tell you and always take in mind whatever tip(s) they advice you.

Etcetera stuff:
Accents don’t count. So what if you have an American accent, pero hindi ka naman marunong magtake down ng notes o kaya sumunod sa mga instructions? Wala ah, kumbaga kasingtulad ka ng taong nagbabasa para sa isang exam na gaganapin sa February 30. Bakit, may klase/trabaho ka ba sa February 30!? Ay okinawa. Esep esep!

Basta clear at maintindihan mga sinasabi, oks ka na. Follow instructions and always have a learning and positive attitude. Basta may tiyaga, may nilaga –  sabi nga nila eh. Do your best and God will do the rest. Rest during the day and be alive during the night. (Idolin mo ang classic vampire, hindi yung mga vamps sa Twilight na hindi natutulog).

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