Walang magawa! Kaya… Kablahg!


I’m currently reading my first blog posts and well, it’s a cringe-inducing experience. Oh well… 😀



(May 1, 2009) I started blogging using Friendster.

Hai. Andaming iniisip… Andaming natututunan… Ang rami raming ewan! Ahaha. Apay aya nga kastoy!? Adik maawatan ya…

With Harem Scarem on the background, napapanunot na agblog. Ay okis ti kamatis, ngantoy itan!? Kabebente dos, andami nang napagdaanan. Pero BAkeeHt!? Ay okralicious talaga to ever. Ganito ba talaga pag… na shot in the heart ka? And you’re to blame? Because you gib lab a bad nim!? Hai…


I’ve heard blogging before, and I tried writing some things… some various things. This time though, I don’t know, it’s getting personal!? Huwaw! Well, I did start my day ok. Thinking, almost about *tooot *tooot (censored censored :D) the whole day. So I went out, inquired about computer schools for my younger cousin to enrol in during the summer vacation. Bought a book, sipped on some cookies and cream shake, played with Nevermore (The Shadow Fiend) and lost, then went home. Thinking again of (hachoo) as I slept (unintentionally), woke up at 5:30 pm, read some paper then ate, then wiped the table, then swept the floor, then…

Then, here online. Trying to install the ga dem it LAUNCHcast on yahoo messenger because it’s not included in the YM 9 package. But it was so ga dem it hard to install the plugin, so I can’t listen to my favorite station while being online in YM. So played all my Harem Scarem downloads.


So here. Well, maybe more stories would come along the way. As I finished writing those words you’ve read, it has somehow helped ease my “ewan” thoughts. People do get lost in sentimental boulevard (that was a song by the way, “Sentimental Boulevard” by Harem Scarem), so writing not only provides a map way out, but also a venue for shouting into the world where no one would care what you have written. This time though, the media is varying. While I wrote on my diary that few people have read (read by some bestfriends), this time, slices of my life are being read… by you.

Oh yeah!? Oh yeah.

Abangan… Si… Ahem. Ahehe!

And so it begins. Timing ba naman oo, start of the month too.


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